Just look at all these wonderful things
Flags and Kites, Windsocks and Swings
A Pink Fairy Outfit with Beautiful Wings
Bracelets and Watches and even some Rings

Slides for the garden and Slides for your hair
Pushalong Dogs you can take anywhere
Balls by the hundreds and dozens of Games
Alphabet Letters to makes lots of names

Wagons, Skateboards and Children’s Trikes
Windmills, Microscooters and Learner Bikes
Frisbees and Rockets that take to the sky
Boxes of Magic Tricks piled up high

Balloons that float when tied with a thread
Unusual Masks and Hats for your head
Hoops that circle your waist with a twirl
Dressing up clothes for boys and for girls

Sylvanians, Lego and Cars of all sorts
Cricket and Football and all kinds of Sports
Cards for a Birthday, Cards to say Thanks
Cowboys, Horses, Soldiers and Tanks

Doll’s Houses, Garages, Castles and Farms
Swimming Pool Toys and Bands for your Arms
Soft fluffy Animals, Teddy Bears too
Puppies and Kittens to name just a few

These are just some of the things that we sell
At the Cool shop in Shalford that’s called Carousel
And here is some news that we really must tell
For now we do Gifts for Grown Ups as well

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