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Are you starting University this week? Are you excited or nervous or both?

Here are some simple tips and advice for your first week:

BUY A DOORSTOP ~ It’s a great idea to leave your door open while you unpack all your things. People are more likely to stop by and introduce themselves. Most doors at Uni are fire doors so it might be a good idea to purchase a doorstop before you go. You can view our extensive range of doorstops here: http://www.thedoorstopshop.co.uk/

Elephant Doorstop

Ellie the Elephant Doorstop

ATTEND A FRESHERS FAYRE ~ This is the perfect way to meet a variety of new people and to find out about social events and clubs. It is also very useful to familiarise yourself with the student campus and nearby facilties.

SMILE ~ A simple smile goes a long way. As a result, will make you seem more approachable and fun, and could disguise any nervousness.

GET YOUR COMPUTER/LAPTOP SET UP ~ put some music on! It will make your room feel homelier and it’s a good conversation starter. You can also order your groceries online which will save you money and time. You won’t end up buying lots of food you don’t need and you won’t have to carry heavy shopping bags back from the supermarket! Furthermore, you can connect with your University on Social Media and receive loads of useful updates about freshers week.

USE A DIARY ~ Take a diary and some pens with you to registration/freshers fayre. You can jot down useful information, phone numbers and email addresses. It will also help you to remember what you have signed up for during your first week.

WEAR COMFY SHOES ~ You will be walking A LOT!

HAVE FUN ~ This may be your first time away from home so make sure you enjoy it😊

Now go and get packing and make sure you don’t forget your doorstop!

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