Secret Santa Gift

It’s coming around to that time of year again and everyone can’t avoid the fact the CHRISTMAS IS COMING! This is generally the time people start to get involved with Secret Santa.

A selection of friends, colleagues and family members will organise festive fun and games BUT what on earth do you buy for a secret Santa gift?

Have no fear, the Carousel Elves are here!

Simply, follow this Secret Santa Gift Guide to find that perfect pressie.

Secret Santa Gift

Gifts for Children

A magic set is a great gift suggestion that is suitable for both boys and girls.

So, if Christmas wasn’t exciting enough already, you can now add some extra magic. A mega magic box is tremendous fun and includes 150 tricks. In addition, it provides endless entertainment for the whole family.

Mega Magic Set

Real magicians hat included

Another idea is this fantastic art set. It includes 52 pieces and is ideal for any budding artist. The carry case opens out neatly to display and store all the equipment required for creative play.

Art Set

Hexagonal shaped children’s art set

Lastly, a spider robot kit is great for children who enjoy building and learning how things work. The set includes a varity of pop out plastic pieces which snap together. Once assembled the spider duplicates the walking movement of a real spider with its eight multi-jointed legs!

Spider Robot

Build And Play Make Your Own Spider Robot Science Kit

Gifts for Ladies
This novelty wine glass is a perfect gift to spread the festive cheer.

Simply fill the glass with wine that indicates your precise level of merriment ~ Merry, Merrier, Merriest! After all, it is the season to eat, drink and be merry.

Christmas Wine Glass

Great fun for all wine drinkers

Furthermore, these wine glass charms are great for helping to identify which glass belongs to who. Whether hosting a Christmas gathering or wanting to enjoy a festive glass of wine on your own, these charms will add a lovely festive touch to any glass.

Wine Glass Charms

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Save the planet without sacrificing your caffeine fix with this funky, slogan ceramic travel mug. Keep any drink warm on the go with this lovely ‘I’d rather be sipping prosecco’ ceramic travel mug. The ideal gift for any prosecco lover… let’s be honest, we all know one!

Travel Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for a prosecco lover

Lastly, we have this pretty wax candle in a jar with a super festive message. In addition, the jar can be re-used as a festive tealight holder once the candle runs out.

Scented Christmas Candle

Fill your living spaces with the scent of Christmas

 Gifts for Men
We have the best gift for all whisky lovers.

This helpful old-fashioned glass is clearly marked so the recipient won’t ever have to answer that pesky ~ how was your day? ~ question again. All they need to do is add their favourite spirit. Bottoms Up!

Whisky Glass

Perfect for whiskies and spirits

Buying a gift for certain people is quite hard; all they do is work or drink beer. Well, hey now, that just might be the answer! A cast iron tool shaped bottle opener will be more than up to the task of opening that well-earned beer at the end of the day. A fabulous gift idea presented in a lovely gift box.

Tool Shaped Bottle Opener

Presented in a fantastic gift box

We have a vast selection of cheese board and platters that would be perfect for any cheese lover. Follow this link to check out our selection

Cheese Board

Great gift for cheese lovers!

Lastly, we have an excellent gift for all lovers of beer. The recipient now has an excuse to have a beer on any day that ends in Y. The tankard features the words ‘I only drink beer on days that end in Y’. Tee hee, we’re pretty sure that’s everyday!

Beer Tankard

Who doesn’t love a large beer after a long day!

So, whether you need a present for your friend, colleague or family member, make sure you check out our website.

All you need to do now it remember to keep your identity a secret!



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