Carousel Gift Shop in Spring

Spring on Shalford Green


Carousel Gift Shop was a real shop in Shalford and close to Guildford in the United Kingdom.  We had been a small family owned business for over eighteen years having opened the first opened the door in August 1998.

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Some of the many styles of Bunting

Originally a Toyshop, Carousel Gift Shop evolved to include Gifts for All Ages, which included
Jewellery, Clocks, Pictures and Frames, Ornaments, Balloons, Bunting, Greeting Cards and ‘Yes’ very many popular and delightful Toys including Lego and Playmobil and very many more.

Soon, Carousel became generational!

Mother and child shopping

Mummy shopped at Carousel when she was a little girl

Somewhat charmingly, we were increasingly being visited by customers who were themselves young children many years before but who now had children of their own.  They came with delightful memories of how they had always loved coming to Carousel and of what a treat it had been to explore what to them was somewhere truly magical and exciting.

Mother and Child Shopping

Mummy shopped at Carousel when she was a little girl

Nothing had changed and Carousel was still magical and exciting  ~ well, at least, we thought so 🙂

In March 2017, Carousel closed its doors for the last time when Clare, the owner retired.

Easter Products available at Carousel gift Shop

Easter Products

Should you require a specific item or have a particular request then please telephone our general Customer Service number: 01483 413100 where you can be sure that we will endeavor to be as much help as possible.