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Bees are some of the most important creatures on our planet. They play a vital role in pollinating the plants that we rely on for food, and their hard work ensures that we have a diverse and healthy ecosystem. But beyond their practical benefits, there are many reasons why people love bees.

They are fascinating creatures to observe, vital to our planet's biodiversity, possess a magical quality, bring people together, and symbolise hope and resiliency. It's no wonder that bees have captured our hearts and minds, and we should work to protect them and their habitats for generations to come.

Brilliant Bee Picks

A treasure trove of elegant gold and black homeware pieces ahead!

Set of 2 Bee Hive Retro Metal Storage tins

This set of retro metal tins is a stylish storage solution, decked out with bee and honeycomb motifs in elegant black and gold

Set of 3 black and gold bee trinket trays

Continuing on the black and gold palette, this nifty set of three trinket trays are ideal for dotting around the home!

21cm honey bee black metal lantern

This hanging lantern, also available in a larger size, would fit beautifully both inside and outside, and this versatility makes them an excellent gift.

honey bee scented candle in glass pot

Available in black, gold, or as a set of two, these bee candles smell absolutely gorgeous. The best part is the pots can be reused when they’ve been burnt!

bumble bee wooden door wedge

This door wedge brings a subtle bee addition to a home that many may not even have thought about!

38CM wooden honey bee wall hooks

Pairing nicely with our door wedge, this wall hook plaque would suit a wide range of interiors, and fits in so many rooms in the home.

Set of 2 bee pictures for walls

A fabulous wall art set, these stunning bee prints feature a white mount with a contrasting black frame which sets off the prints beautifully.

gold tone honeycomb bee display tray

This stunning aluminium trinket tray is sturdy, with a timeless elegance about it, great for so many uses.

Amazing Apis Gift Ideas

From oven gloves to jugs, these quaint items are especially perfect for a lover of all things cottagecore as well as bees!

emma bridgewater bumblebee & polka dot oven glove

This bright and cheery oven glove would be a fabulous gift for a bee-loving baker! We love Emma Bridgewater’s bumblebee range.

floral beehive essential oil fragrance burner

With its bright colour and unique shape, this beehive shaped oil burner is a fun, quirky item, great for gifting.

emma bridgewater bumblebee round tin caddy

A great piece to keep in your cupboard or display on a worktop or shelf, the options are endless with this attractive tin caddy!

square busy bee doorstop

What a beautiful doorstop! The gorgeous watercolour style design adds a real country charm.

set of 2 decorative replica honey tin cans

We love this retro honey tin can set! They have so many potential uses all around the home.

emma bridgewater bumblebee rice husk travel mug

This travel cup is made from rice husk, a natural by-product of rice milling, making it super eco-friendly.

Extra Large wooden insect hotel

What better gift than this bee hotel? Helping their favourite insects by providing this habitat to heaps of garden crawlies will surely bring joy to any recipient!

cream ceramic embossed bumble bee serving jug

Both functional and bee-autiful! Perfect for serving drinks, filling with flowers, or watering plants in the garden and home.

fantastic facts about bees

World Bee Day was officially designated by the UN in 2017. It is on May 20th, coinciding with the birthday of Anton Janša, known as the pioneer of modern beekeeping.

There are over 20,000 known species of bees worldwide, with scientists estimating that there may be as many as 30,000 species in total.

Humans have been collecting honey for thousands of years, before we had even begun to farm, or domesticate animals. In Valencia, Spain, cave paintings were discovered depicting honey collection, and they are estimated to be around 8000 years old.

The average worker honeybee produces only about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. However, the combined efforts of an entire hive can result in the production of several hundred pounds of honey each year.

The wings of a honeybee flap at an impressive rate of about 230 beats per second! They can fly up to 15-20 mph, depending on the species.

Bees are excellent mathematicians. They can recognize and understand the concept of zero, which is a rare ability among animals.

Bees have five eyes! They have two large compound eyes and three smaller simple eyes on top of their head, allowing them to have a wide field of vision.

Bees are capable of recognizing human faces. Studies have shown that they can learn and remember human facial features, which helps them identify familiar faces, such as beekeepers.

bee yourself, and do your own sting

So, whether for an occasion, or "just because", we hope that these selections mean you'll never be stuck for a gift for that bee-bananas friend again!

Bees are truly incredible creatures that play a vital role in our ecosystem. From their exceptional pollination skills to their intricate hive societies, bees deserve our admiration and protection. By understanding and appreciating these fascinating insects, we can work together to ensure their survival and maintain a healthy environment for ourselves and future generations. So let's all take a moment to appreciate the buzzing wonders of the natural world and remember to support initiatives that promote bee conservation. Together, we can create a world where bees continue to thrive and bring sweetness to our lives.