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Halloween - a ghoulishly great time for kids and adults alike. While it has been celebrated in many forms for centuries in the UK (most scholars believe it has its roots in the Celtic Samhain!), it has changed dramatically in recent years due to influence from our North American friends.

Whatever your opinion on horror movies, trick or treating, or fancy dress, we can't deny that Halloween is quickly becoming a favourite holiday for many, especially paired with Bonfire Night so close! It's a perfect excuse to dress up, have a little fun with friends, and forget all your fears with a night of made-up terrors instead.

dastardly decorations

A spooky selection of items to decorate and celebrate the day with!


Go trick or treating with a bag that has plenty of room, and a spooky spiderweb! It has longer netted handles so it can be worn over a shoulder to make carrying all those goodies a bit more comfy.

2.4m garden rose arch metal flower supports

Hear us out on this one! This arch trellis would be just perfect for attaching decorations to (like the below balloons?) to indicate you're open for trick or treaters. Plus, a way easier clean up!

djeco magic potions witch's cauldron roleplay game

From frog soups to spider stews, little ones can brew potions by mixing wooden and felt ingredients in the cauldron. You can even set the kids down with this to "help" with party prep!


This adorable woven rattan-style basket is perfect for little horrors everywhere! It's also a wonderful container for a small gift basket, if you're wanting to (pleasantly) surprise any Halloween party hosts.

haunted house 10 piece pumpkin carving set

Pumpkin carving is a classic staple of Halloween - make sure you're ready with all the tools! Maybe they'll leave your nice knives alone...

pin the spider on the web halloween party game

A fun, spooky alternative to Pin The Tail On The Donkey! It's a classic childrens game with a Halloween twist that will be sure to entertain.

haunted house pack of 20 halloween balloons

Balloons - such a simple and versatile decoration. Orange pumpkins and black skulls will look great adorning your gate, garden, or your party!


A bright felt bag that is just perfect for smaller hands! Coming in three different designs with adorably spooky motifs, they'll suit any costume.

Creepy costume additions

No tricks here - only treats!

grafix Spooktacular face paint set

This comprehensive make-up set comes complete with props, applicators, stencils - everything you need to create wonderfully spooky looks!

kids viking shield and axe set

Bring out your child's inner Viking with this role play set - it's a great toy any time of year, but at Halloween, they'll be running off to raid before you can even say "Skal!"

plastic construction helmet and tool belt

Whether your child wishes to emulate a respected construction worker in their life, or just really likes building, this is certainly a unique idea for Halloween!

5 piece childs pirate dress up set

You can't go wrong with a pirate get-up! They'll be "arrr"-ing with joy after seeing the selection of pirate dress up accessories here.

halloween rose and skull fancy dress headband

This pretty headband holds a scary secret when you look close! Little skulls adorn the centre of each flower, making this a great accessory to costumes and workwear alike.

kids sword, shield, & gauntlet battle pack toy

Young knights everywhere will be thrilled with this accessory pack that contains a sword, a shield, and a gauntlet - also available in red.

elegant gold lace venetian masquerade mask

A quick and easy compliment to many outfits! This elegant mask is a great focal point if you're a bit stuck for ideas for a costume party.

quirky adult crazy golf hat

A golfing aficionado by day, a golfing green by night? If you love golf, don't let something like a costume party stop you expressing it!

frightening facts about halloween

The record for the most lit jack-o'-lanterns displayed belongs to Keene, New Hampshire - who set the record, then broke it 8 times over! The latest was set in 2013 with 30,581. This is around 7000 more jack o'lanterns than residents!

A Halloween full moon is a rather rare occurrence, happening once every 18 or 19 years. The last was in 2020, and the next will be in 2039. Because the lunar cycle is 29.5 days, and October is 31 days, any Halloween full moon is also a blue moon!

On All Hallow's Eve, many Western Christian denominations encourage meat-free eating, which may be why so many traditional Halloween foods don't include meat!

Celebrated in various ways for centuries, Irish and Scottish immigrants took their Halloween customs (and the name!) to the US. It then grew in popularity in the US, gaining its own traditions, before then spreading throughout the world.

The Mexican Day of the Dead festival, or Dia de los Muertos, takes place from October 31st to November 2nd. This has led to a lot of association between the two holidays, though they are very different! Dia de los Muertos is over 3,000 years old and is a time to honour deceased loved ones.

The worlds oldest ghost allegedly resides at the aptly named Ghost Ranch, in New Mexico, US. Locals reported seeing a 6-9m long serpentine reptile ghost, which they dubbed Vivaron. Paleontologists later discovered fossils of large, serpentine Triassic archosaurs in the area!


Whatever your opinion on Halloween, whatever traditions you observe, it certainly won't be leaving our cultural consciousness any time soon! We hope these top picks, unique celebrations, and fun facts have inspired a Halloween-y idea or two.