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The Djeco Story

Djeco was founded in 1954 in Paris by Véronique Michel-Dalès, who devised imaginative educational games for children. They experienced a successful first life, winning several awards for their toys, and Véronique welcomed her son, Frédéric, in 1964.

As Frédéric grew up, the business went dormant. However, in 1989, the now-young man decided he would revitalise the company, and travelled the world importing toys into France. This global vision still lives on in the company today, as their toys are now available in over 60 countries and many different languages!

In 1997, following in his mothers footsteps, Frédéric created a range of educational toys - jigsaws and wooden toys to begin with, then the range grew with card and board games. Now, Djeco have over 1000 lines available, with products for sale in many countries, including prestigious museums; the Tate, the Louvre; MoMA, and others!

Our favourite Djeco products

We are so excited to bring a range of these wonderful, classic toys and games to our store, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do - in fact, here are 15 of our top picks for you to choose from.

Djeco Flamboyant sequin images art for imaginative children

Create sequin art with this kit! It features two charming illustrations of a toucan and an owl, and all the sequins your child needs for their creation (plus, a box to keep them all in and tidy - theoretically, anyway).

djeco geometric design folding ottoman seat toy storage box

Keep toys tidy with this handy folding ottoman, in style! With a weight capacity of 30kg, you can definitely make a game out of tidying up with this “secret” place. Storage options don’t need to be dull, after all.

djeco space design height chart

Crafted from sustainable paper and card, this hanging height chart is filled with delightful cosmic illustrations. It also includes a pack of 20 stickers, with space to write on, ideal for marking those milestones.

djeco kids face painting kit

There’s few things as ubiquitous in childhood as face painting - it’s one of those enduring crafts that children worldwide will never get tired of! Djeco brings us their own little sets for some DIY fun at home (also in a metallic palette for that extra sparkle!).

djeco maxi butterfly giant kite

A beautiful butterfly kite! Easy to assemble, watch in awe as this kite takes flight, with its mesmerizing shimmering colours creating a stunning spectacle in the sky. Once you’re all flown out for the day, it folds back up into its storage pouch, keeping everything nice and neat.

djeco animambo rainbow cat xylophone

This xylophone, shaped like a cheeky kitty cat, will help introduce your children to the wonderful world of music making! It comes with two easy to follow colour-coded scores, offering an adventurous way to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

djeco do it yourself cuckoo clock build

This craft kit allows children to create a clock that doubles as a decorative object for their room! With over 100 decals and accessories included, allowing kids to put their own creative spin on it, they’ll love being able to contribute to their bedrooms.

djeco 8 Double Ended Wax colouring crayons

A handy set of double-ended crayons, perfectly designed for little hands! We love the way these pack 16 colours into just 8 crayons, saving space without sacrificing creativity.

djeco origami planes kit

Adding a quirky spin to classic paper aeroplanes, this kit features 20 sheets of 5 designs, all varying in difficulty - great for beginners to origami!

djeco magician and the crystal sceptre puzzle

We just adore this unique, enchanting magician puzzle - its attractive silhouette box, captivating colour palette, and quirky art style make this a joy of a puzzle to look at. It’s perfect for the young ones with an interest in fantasy; they can even conjure up a story to go with the finished puzzle.

djeco Marie's Secret Diary With Lock

For an older child experiencing new things and emotions, having a private space to express these feelings is vital, and even more so to have one that isn’t online! This beautiful, serene notebook, with FSC certified paper, is a great pick for them to express themselves in words.

djeco 10 Magic Felt colour changing pens

These magical markers offer hours of fun for little artists! Using the white revealer pen, they can write secret messages, add fun designs and patterns, or just enjoy the mesmerising transformation of their art into new colours.

djeco Cyrus & Lena's Make Pittas With A Menu

We’ve not seen a food playset quite like this one! Prepare tasty-looking pitas with felt pieces, packed into a gorgeous Mediterranean inspired box. Kids can have fun recreating the picture recipes on the menu card, or coming up with their own concoctions. Who knows; maybe they’ll be angling to join you in the kitchen for real?

djeco bingo memo domino dinosaurs

Children everywhere love dinosaurs, and this compact set offers three games to help support their development in a fun and playful way! With three timeless classics of bingo, dominoes, and memory match, the Dino-Fun Trio is safe, easy to understand, and tailored to suit their needs.

djeco colour changing kids dome umbrella -fishes

As any parent knows, convincing a child to wear a coat when they adamantly refuse to is a frequently occurring battle! While you’ll need to work out another source of warmth, you CAN keep them dry with this wide range of fun children’s umbrellas that they’ll (fingers crossed!) be eager to use.