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Happy New Year!

Is it still acceptable to say that halfway through February?
(Bearing in mind, this was started 10 days ago and now it's marching on towards March!)

Anyway, given that this is the first CAROUSSENTIALS edit of the year, I'm going to conclude - or should that be concloud - yes (a little conclue for you there) and continue.

One could suggest that it might be more appropriate to cite Happy Valentine's Day, but we know not everyone wants to observe the patron saint of romance's holiday, (plus, let's not forget it's now 10 days later and Valentine's has been and gone) so rather than witter on about love being in the air, in today's post, our focus is going to be on something else that permeates the air.

Too nebulous?

(Drum) roll of thunder, please...

Our first item to have its day in the sun this year will be the perennially popular Pinterest / Instagram children's nursery must-have that is the:


Such is the demand for these pretty and practical little children's shelves, that we don't just have one Cloud Shelf, but a veritable sky full of them, but what, you might ask, is it about our cloud shelves that make them such an endearing addition to your children's rooms?

Well, one of the key reasons our range of floating cloud shelves have become such a trend for children's rooms and nurseries is their ability to seamlessly blend with various nursery decor themes, for example:

In essence, all our cloud shelfs serve as a neutral and adaptable decor elements that can enhance a wide range of nursery themes. Their simple, classy and airy design allows them to seamlessly integrate into various styles, providing both functional storage and creative appeal in the context of different nursery themes.

How sweet to be a Cloud Floating in the Blue! Every little cloud always sings aloud. "How sweet to be a Cloud floating in the Blue!" It makes him very proud to be a little cloud.

– A A Milne

Time to wind this up before another 10 days floats past...

IN conclo-ud-sion

We have learned, cloud shelves have established themselves as a top choice for children's rooms and nurseries because they seeminglessly blend functionality with a whimsical design that appeals to both children and parents. They help create a charming space for children whilst providing practical storage solutions.

In our opinion, Cloud Shelves, unlike their whispy, real-life muses, will continue to hang around, remaining an eternally popular choice for children's nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms due to their timeless and simple design which coordinates with pretty much most kids rooms.

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